'Indiana Jones 5' Release Date Pushed To 2020, Harrison Ford & Steven Spielberg's Tandem Still Missing One Important Thing

9:20 AM EDT 4/28/2017 by Colt, Celebeat Reporter

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It has already been confirmed that the highly-anticipated fifth instalment of Harrison Ford's action adventure film is set to release in the US on July 19, 2019. However, there has been a huge change of plan as the "Indiana Jones 5" released date is now pushed to 2020. So what is the reason for the sudden move?

Disney has recently confirmed that "Indiana Jones 5" is slated to be released a year later than it's initial date. There may be a lot of factors as to why the fifth instalment is being delayed and one of the reasons is because Steven Spielberg already had his hands full. The 70-year-old director, producer, and screenwriter has several projects to do that pushed Harrison Ford's new flick off the priority list.

The delay of "Indiana Jones 5" is not because it's less important than Steven Spielberg's other projects, but earlier reports have already revealed that the much-awaited instalment still has one important missing for development to finally start. Movie Web revealed that the Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg team-up is still in need of a script. 

This is not the first problem that the movie has faced. Collider has previously reported that George Lucas is no longer involved in "Indiana Jones 5." Although the 72-year-old filmmaker and entrepreneur has been a part of the franchise since day one, the report revealed that Steven Spielberg has decided to move on with the fifth instalment without him.

Collider noted that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have different ideas for "Indiana Jones 5" and the duo just can't seem to settle their disagreement for the film that led to the latter's exit. Speculations of the beloved film's fifth instalment has been swirling for quite awhile and it is just now that Disney has released an update about the Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg's tandem.

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