'Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Find out Why Master Roshi Joins the Tournament of Power; Producer Explains Power Inflation of Some Characters

7:09 AM EDT 4/30/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" Universal Survival arc has been one of the hot topics among fans of the popular Akira Toriyama's series. The highly-anticipated Tournament of Power is just around the corner, gathering the most powerful warriors in all eight participating universes. Recently, fans are wondering with the series' storyline, particularly with Master Roshi's participation in the upcoming Battle of Royal. Showrunner Hiroyuki Sakurada has addressed this concern as well as some questions that fans have raised from the previous episodes of the anime series.

Celebeat has previously discussed Goku's power level that seems to go weaker in "Dragon Ball Super." However, some experts explained that just because using the Super Saiyan Blue Kaoiken form is becoming his habit doesn't mean he is getting weak. This is only because the form is more manageable and can be controlled easily, which fans believe Goku is more comfortable using during his sparring with Krillin and Android 17.

According to some "Dragon Ball Super" experts, Goku has been using the Super Saiyan Blue Kaoiken form to ensure that he doesn't hurt his friends during practice battle as he knows that the skill is more controllable. However, others think that his power looks smaller than the other powerful warriors. Comic Book reports that Sakurada has assured fans that they should not be concerned about this power inflation of some characters like Android 17.

The "Dragon Ball Super" producer further explained that knowing Toriyama, there is always something up his sleeves and the power inflation is only short-lived. "When a new arc starts, whatever happens after this - Mr. [Akira] Toriyama will break through it, even if the scale is too big this time," he said. "I do not worry about inflation."

Universe 7 has almost completed its lineup for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power with Master Roshi in the team. Sakurada explained that Roshi has been training extensively and has a unique story. He might be a mediocre compared to other warriors but Toriyama is determined to have Roshi back in the series and vowed to give him a seamless fight come the tournament.

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