'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Find out Why Mystic Gohan Can Surpass Goku in the Tournament of Power

10:08 AM EDT 5/4/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is undeniably coming closer and Universe 7 has the ten most powerful warriors including Gohan. He has not been practicing martial arts as he chose to live a normal life with his family and was busy studying to be a scholar. As he agreed to join the team to defend their universe in the upcoming Battle of Royal, Piccolo was tapped to train him again in preparation for the ultimate martial arts tournament. The latest episode featured a unique training that showcased half-Saiyan's Mystic form, which he has not possessed for a long time.

Gohan has not been featured in many "Dragon Ball Super" episodes until his father, Goku, started his scouting mission for the most powerful fighters in Universe 7. With his agreement to enter the Tournament of Power, many fans are wondering whether or not the half-Saiyan's fighting skills could be great again. However, as IGN points out, Piccolo is doing his best to extract more power out from the half-Saiyan.

The latest "Dragon Ball Super" episode showcased Gohan having hesitations to unleash his power when he only tried to deter the attacks from Piccolo instead of attacking him in the first place. The Namekian warrior is a no pushover and asked the half-Saiyan to do what he had to do that provoked him to show what he can do. He then realized that the Tournament of Power is fast approaching and his time is very limited to train with his master.

That said, Gohan decided that it's time to exceed Goku's powers in "Dragon Ball Super" but as Comic Book points out, it could be unlikely for him to do it in a short span of time. However, some experts believe that it is possible simply because the half-Saiyan warrior has an unbelievable amount of Ki and is able to control his power. Others believe that he could be the strongest warrior in Universe 7, which means that he will surpass Goku comes the Tournament of Power.

In the next "Dragon Ball Super" episode, fans will see Gohan with Piccolo as a team in a practice battle against Tien and Goku. So, everyone can expect an action-packed episode soon. Celebeat will continue to provide more updates for the upcoming Tournament of Power. Stay tuned.

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