'Vikings' Season 5 Predictions & Spoilers: Rollo Son William Longsword To Take Over Normandy? Clive Standen Possibly Leaving Series After Travis Fimmel

1:30 PM EDT 5/11/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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There have been many huge deaths in "Vikings" but the fourth season lost three main cast members in the last six episodes. However, there is little doubt that Ragnar Lothbrok, King Ecbert, and Helga will not be the last major characters who will die in the History series. Could Clive Standen follow Travis Fimmel's footsteps and leave the show behind? Will Rollo finally step down from being Duke of Normandy and pass his power on to his son William Longsword in "Vikings" Season 5?

Rollo certainly had an interesting change of heart in the fourth season. Ragnar Lothbrok's brother proved his loyalty to Emperor Charles by ordering the massacre of his fellow Northmen who have settled in France. However, Rollo requested to join Bjorn and Floki when he found out they intended to raid Spain several years after the defeat of Ragnar. There is little doubt that fans are still hoping to see more of Clive Standen in "Vikings" Season 5. But could it finally be time for Rollo to retire peacefully so his son William Longsword can take over Normandy?

The real Rollo was truly a significant individual in Norse and French history. After all, Rollo the Walker used strategy and charm to become the first leader of Normandy, as per Norman Descendants. His son William Longsword would eventually succeed him as the second Duke of Normandy. There are speculations that "Vikings" Season 5 will introduce William as a young warrior who is ready to take his father's place. Unfortunately, this could also mean that Clive Standen will step away from the History series just like his castmate Travis Fimmel.

It is still unclear whether William Longsword will play a larger role in the History series. Nevertheless, there is hope that Clive Standen will continue to be a part of the show as Rollo. "Vikings" Season 5 is expected to air on History later this summer, as per CeleBeat.

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