'One Punch Man' Spoilers: Saitama Saves Suiryu & Fights Monster Bakuzan; Bald Hero Will Finally Be Recognized

9:24 PM EDT 5/19/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"One Punch Man" manga quickly became popular among manga readers when it started its publication in 2009 and has surpassed 7.9 million hits in June 2012. An anime adaptation series aired in October 2015 in Japan and a second season was officially announced in 2016. There are no words yet from Madhouse as to when season 2 would start airing but there have been speculations that it might premiere in November. Recently, the manga's latest chapter has finally been released featuring one character that everyone has been waiting in the Super Fight Arc.

The current "One Punch Man" Super Fight Arc has smoothly delivered the monster Gouketsu's appearance and his match against Suiryu. Unfortunately, spoilers revealed that Suiryu can't win over Gouketsu and chapter 74.5 features him being left for dead with Bakuzan. Apparently, Bakuzan also transformed into a monster. When Suiryu realized that the Monster Association is unbelievably strong, the martial artist swallowed his pride to save his life.

"One Punch Man" chapter 74.5 spoilers also revealed that Suiryu accepts his defeat in an attempt to save their lives with the other two heroes who tried to help him escape. Apparently, Bakuzan refused to do so and asked Suiryu instead to lick his feet so he can give him a chance to live. However, Suiryu decided to fight with his remaining strength and managed to break Bakuzan's mutated toe.

As posted on Read Manga, "One Punch Man" chapter 74.5 features Saitama coming back to the fight scene and saved Suiryu from the hands of a furious Bakuzan. However, the bald hero did not disclose his true identity and only said that he rushed to the scene when he heard the martial artist cried out for help. "You did well in resisting alone until now," Saitama told Suiryu as he sets off to fight Bakuzan.

Meanwhile, "One Punch Man" anime season 2 is reportedly to feature the appearance of the villain Garou. On Reddit, some fans believe that the second season will feature more of the S-Class fighters in the Hero Association. There are also speculations that the upcoming season will debut in November although this is yet to be confirmed.

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