'My Hero Academia' Spoilers: Mirio's Imminent Death Hinted; Young Heroes Start Their Secret Mission to Save Eri

10:02 AM EDT 5/20/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Kōhei Horikoshi's "My Hero Academia" manga series has received general positive reviews with critics saying that it delivers amazing action, which is lift by a genuine storyline. Its anime adaptation was also positively received with its core cast of characters being praised the most. Manga author Masashi Kishimoto even praised Horikoshi's work and strongly believed that the series would be a huge success overseas. Its latest chapter proves the fantastic story as it continues to feature the heroes plan to try to break into the Overhaul's headquarters in an attempt to rescue Eri.

Earlier reports from Celebeat say that the "My Hero Academia" heroes were summoned by Sir Nighteye to disclose Overhaul's plans about the Trigger serum. The Eight Precepts of Death has been producing this drug, which can boost a Trigger to its max level or completely disable it. Apparently, the aspiring heroes Izuku, Tsuyu, Ocachi, and Eijiro tried to remain silent on the details about the serum to save Eri.

Izuku is obviously having a hard time with his quirk in "My Hero Academia" and has been planning to ask help from All Might. However, the latter is not involved in their secret mission, keeping him from asking assistance from All Might. The young hero struggles to keep the details of their mission but was touched with how his friends tried to understand the circumstances.

In a thread on Reddit, "My Hero Academia" chapter 137 suggest that Mirio could be in danger, which worries everyone especially Sir Nighteye. It is said that Mirio could meet his end as the young heroes try to take down Overhaul and his organization, the Eight Precepts of Death. It can be recalled that the Trigger serum is actually produced using Eri's body and the young heroes vowed to save Overhaul's daughter no matter what.

"My Hero Academia" chapter 137 left off with a cliffhanger when the young heroes rushing to Overhaul's headquarters in an attempt to rescue Eri. Celebeat will continue to keep the manga series' fans updated as soon as news comes in. Stay tuned.

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