'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 92 Spoilers: More Saiyans to Join the Tournament of Power; Toppo Recruits More Powerful Warriors

12:17 PM EDT 5/22/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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With only a few hours away before the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power takes place, Universe 7, specifically Goku is in dilemma as Majin Buu falls asleep and won't be able to join the Battle of Royal. It is said that he will only wake up until the next two months and Goku asks Fortuneteller Baba to revive Frieza for only 24 hours so he can replace Buu in the team. Episode 92 will introduce new Saiyans and will also focus mainly on other teams as well as Universe 7's crisis for missing one fighter in the team.

In the previous "Dragon Ball Super" episodes, Universe 6 God of Destruction Champa ordered Cabba to find him more Saiyans and the latter went scouting, where he asked Renso to join team Universe 6. However, Renso refused and recommended his sister Caulifla instead, who is best known as the Female Broly. Earlier reports from Celebeat suggest that Caulifla's name derived from a vegetable just like Broly - Cauliflower and Broccoli. This is one reason how the two Saiyans are being linked to each other since Caulifla has Broly's glowing eyes, hair and physique.

Apart from Caulifla, another Saiyan will also join team Universe 6 in "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. Kale will join the Female Broly but they still have to master their skills and Cabba is expected to train them how to power up. It can be recalled that Cabba has just mastered his Super Saiyan form. Kale is Caulifla's subordinate and both are not aware that they can actually transform into different power levels to be stronger just like the other Saiyans.

Meanwhile, Universe 11 is one of the strong teams among all eight participating universes in "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. Apart from the Pride Troopers, the team has Jiren The Gray, who is said that can surpass even Goku and Toppo's combined powers. Episode 92 also sees Toppo being tasked to scout for more powerful fighters to join his team.

"Dragon Ball Super" expert Geekdom101 suggests that Toppo will possibly recruit powerful warriors that are not members of the Pride Troopers. This is to ensure that they survive comes the Tournament of Power. Everyone is aware that each participating teams are required to have a total of ten warriors. However, Universe 11 only has five warriors in its team thus far.

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