Tom Hardy Turns Down James Bond Role For 'Venom' Standalone Film? 'Taboo' Star Prefers Playing Comic Book Antihero Over 007

11:37 AM EDT 5/23/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Tom Hardy has just signed on to play Eddie Brock in Sony's upcoming "Venom" standalone film and the news certainly has people excited. However, some fans are also concerned that the project would mean the "Taboo" star will not be available to take over as 007 in "James Bond 25". Is it possible that Hardy has turned down the chance to be Daniel Craig's replacement so he can play the comic book antihero? There are speculations that the "Peaky Blinders" Season 4 actor would rather portray another comic book character than taking on the role of the iconic spy.

People were understandably blown away when Tom Hardy was cast as Eddie Brock in the "Venom" standalone film, as per New York Times. After all, the "Inception" star has proven that he could take on any character with a calculated fierceness. Nevertheless, there are some who are somehow disappointed that Hardy decided to take on a comic book movie instead of keeping his schedule clear for "James Bond 25". But is it possible that the "Dunkirk" actor has no interest in playing 007 in case Daniel Craig leaves the role? Hardy has not made any comments about being the spy despite being the true fan favorite for the next James Bond.

CeleBeat has previously reported on the possibility that Tom Hardy will be named the new 007 after "James Bond 25" was listed under Chris Nolan's Syncopy productions. There were speculations that the director of "The Dark Knight Rises" will choose to cast the man who played Bane as the spy if he ends up helming the next Bond film. However, Hardy has chosen to keep quiet about the news although he has been the long-time favorite to take over after Daniel Craig.

Tom Hardy might not be taking on the role of James Bond anytime soon but that hasn't stopped fans from hoping he will eventually become the new 007. In the meantime, the "Venom" standalone film is already scheduled for release on October 5, 2018.

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