Mackenzie Ziegler Blocks Abby Lee Miller Out Of Her Life, 'Dance Moms' Alum A 'Happy Girl' After Former Teacher's Sentence Was Finalized

2:10 AM EDT 5/25/2017 by Colt, Celebeat Reporter

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It seems like Mackenzie Ziegler is so ready to put her stint from “Dance Moms” behind her for good as the 12-year-old dancer, singer, actress, and model shockingly blocked Abby Lee Miller on social media. The famously tough teacher took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her ALDC Junior Elite Competition Team members but when she tried to tag Maddie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes, Nia Frazier, and Mackenzie on the snap, she couldn't add her youngest student that made her confused.

“Some years ago, in Europe somewhere? Life was simpler and they all learned how to "bevel" that ankle! #aldcla #aldcalways #dancemoms #aldcproud #ALDC #abbyleeapparel btw; I try to tag @kenzieziegler no luck?!?!” Abby Lee Miller wrote.

Although Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler have been Abby Lee Miller's favorite students since day one, their dance teacher's nice treatment did not stop them from leaving the show in season 6. The duo then focused on their individual careers after leaving "Dance Moms," with Maddie adding actress, model, businesswoman, and writer to her already impressive resume, while Mackenzie mainly focused on music and being a YouTube star.

As if that's not enough, Mackenzie Ziegler also posted a photo of her on Instagram with the caption “Happy Girl” on the same exact day when Abby Lee Miller received her final sentencing. While many believed that Mackenzie Ziegler's post is about her new single, some took it as her secret jab at Abby Lee Miller.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie Ziegler was not the first one who seemingly confirmed that she is no longer close with Abby Lee Miller. Maddie Ziegler, who was the obvious favorite of the terror dance teacher, has previously admitted that she will never ever go back to “Dance Moms.”

Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to 366 days in jail and neither Maddie nor Mackenzie Ziegler posted anything on social media to send their love or support to Abby Lee Miller. Do you think the sisters are being ungrateful to the 50-year-old dance instructor, choreographer, and director? Let us know in the comments section below!

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