Rebecca Sugar Talks ‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Endgame; New Trailer Hints On White Diamond? [SPOILERS]

6:00 AM EDT 5/26/2017 by Lauren Duffy, Celebeat Reporter

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"Steven Universe" Season 4 will be returning with all new episodes this Monday, May 29 and the Cartoon Network series has just released a teaser trailer for the upcoming episodes. As more of Steven and the Gem hierarchy's backstories are explored, Rebecca Sugar admits she has "big plans" for the fifth season. Is it the endgame?

Spoilers ahead! Continue reading if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

A new "Steven Universe" Season 4 trailer was released on the CN series' official Facebook page. The video came with the announcement that new episodes of the current season will be released this coming Monday, May 29.

While the new "Steven Universe" Season 4 promo was quite short, many fans already began speculating on the possible scenarios for the upcoming episodes. A popular theory is that White Diamond will soon be introduced in the series given that it has not been shown in the series before.

Another theory speculates that White Diamond may be a fusion between some of the other Diamonds on "Steven Universe" Season 4. However this all plays out in the upcoming episodes, many fans are already worried that the revelations might mean the end for the show.

An earlier interview with series creator Rebecca Sugar revealed that she has "big plans" for "Steven Universe" Season 5, reports Newsarama. Sugar admitted that she has no idea whether the fifth season of the show will be the endgame, but she has plans to "write us into a serious corner."

"Steven Universe" has been slowly revealing some of the show's mysteries, including the story on the Gem Hierarchy. Many fans are also hoping to learn more about Rose and why she chose to lead the rebellion.

"Steven Universe" Season 4 returns with new episodes this Monday on Cartoon Network.

Do you think "Steven Universe" Season 5 will be the last season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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