New 'X-Men' Movie Bringing In X-23 As Wolverine Replacement? Hugh Jackman Protege Dafne Keen Might Join 'X-Force'

11:48 AM EDT 5/26/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Wolverine has truly been one of the most iconic comic book characters introduced in the "X-Men" film franchise. Unfortunately, Hugh Jackman has famously stepped down from his role following the mutant's death in "Logan". But is it possible that the world has not seen the last of Wolverine just yet? There are speculations that Jackman's young co-star Dafne Keen will reprise her role as X-23 in the highly anticipated "X-Force" film, where she could serve as Wolverine's replacement.

In "Logan", Dafne Keen was introduced as the young mutant Laura, who happens to be Wolverine's clone (she was referred to as his daughter several times throughout the film). People have already speculated on what would happen when X-23 finally makes her big screen debut, especially with Hugh Jackman announcing his retirement from the "X-Men" film franchise. Could the young mutant take on Wolverine's mantle as she did in the comic books? Some believe that X-23 could serve as her father's replacement in the planned "X-Force" movie rather than get a new actor to play Wolverine.

According to We Got This Covered, producer Hugh Parker has confirmed that there is no future for Wolverine since the upcoming "X-Men" films will be about "other characters." There is little doubt that Parker is referring to "X-Force", which is expected to bring in Cable, Domino and many more. But is there any chance that X-23 will join the team? There are speculations that Dafne Keen will be part of the movie although her young mutant might not be part of the team just yet. (It is important to note that Logan's clone actually joined X-Force in the comic books along with Wolverine).

It is still unconfirmed whether Dafne Keen will be a part of the "X-Force" film. In the meantime, fans can get a somber second look at X-23 and Wolverine in the black-and-white version of "Logan", which is currently available on Digital HD and Blu-Ray (via io9).

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