Selena Gomez, The Weeknd Dating: 'Bad Liar' Singer Planning To Leave Bella Hadid Ex? Relationship Already On The Rocks

10:58 AM EDT 5/30/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Selena Gomez and The Weeknd may finally be officially dating but it looks like the new relationship is already on the rocks. The "Bad Liar" singer may have hinted at the possibility that she is already planning to leave the musician after a few months together. Will Gomez break up with Bella Hadid's ex and get back together with Justin Bieber?

The relationship between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd certainly had an interesting start. The two musicians made things official at the Met Gala last January, just a few months after The Weeknd broke things off with longtime girlfriend Bella Hadid. But is it possible that karma is coming back to bite the rapper with his new woman? Is Gomez getting ready to leave her current boyfriend behind for her ex?

Selena Gomez was recently a guest on Power 96.5 FM in Miami, where the singer casually opened up about lying to a loved one (via Daily Mail). Gomez revealed that she had told "somebody really cute" that she is "going to leave" but didn't actually have any plans to do so. According to the "Bad Liar" vocalist, she had fibbed so that person would ask her "to stay." Some fans believe that Gomez was talking about The Weeknd. Hopefully, this means that she does not have any intentions of breaking up with Bella Hadid's ex anytime soon.

She might enjoy playing games with The Weekend but that doesn't mean Selena Gomez isn't fully committed to her new boyfriend. "I will give my heart and my soul to the person that I love," Gomez shared, confirming that she also "loves tremendously big." Although the singer didn't refer to her beau by name, fans believe that she was talking about her new relationship with The Weeknd and not Justin Bieber. For all the cool updates on your favorite celebrity couples, make CeleBeat a part of your daily habit.

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