'Vikings' Season 5 Predictions SPOILERS: Lagertha Marries Harald Finehair To Become Queen Of Norway, Bjorn Ironside Prophecy Fulfilled?

11:00 AM EDT 5/30/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Big things are set to happen when the fifth season of "Vikings" finally premieres later this year. Fans are mostly concerned about Lagertha now that Ivar the Boneless has vowed to kill the Queen of Kattegat. However, it looks like the former shield-maiden still has a few tricks up her sleeve as she forges a new alliance with the first King of Norway. Will Lagertha marry Harald Finehair to become more powerful in "Vikings" Season 5? Is her son Bjorn Ironside ready to face his destiny as the Seer's prophecy is finally fulfilled?

Harald Finehair was actually a legendary Viking leader who declared himself the King of Norway, but little is known about the Northman. Since "Vikings" tends to play around with history, some believe that Harald will play a huge role in pushing Lagertha's storyline forward. There are speculations that Harald will convince the Queen of Kattegat to form an alliance with him. It's a team that would work for both sides, as Harald gets to have Lagertha help him with raiding England while she finds someone who can defend her against Ivar the Boneless in "Vikings" Season 5 (via CeleBeat).

But is it possible that Lagertha will use Harald Finehair to become the Queen of Norway then assassinate him? Killing to gain power isn't exactly new to the former Earl Ingstad, who had murdered Kalf to get Hedeby back then going on to kill Aslaug to take Kattegat. Some believe that Harald could be in trouble in "Vikings" Season 5 while Lagertha's son Bjorn Ironside will finally fulfill the Seer's prophecy.

In the second season, Ragnar Lothbrok had asked the Seer about the destiny of his sons. The ancient one stated that one will marry the daughter of a king and one will sail the seas but when Ragnar asked about Bjorn Ironside, the Seer revealed that the prophesy was about his son with Lagertha. So far, Bjorn is already set to sail to the Mediterranean but will he also meet a princess who will eventually become his next wife? Find out when "Vikings" Season 5 premieres on History later this year.

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