'Fairy Tail' Spoilers: Makarov's Return Disappoints Many Fans; 9 Chapters Left Until the Manga's Finale

10:49 AM EDT 5/31/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Hiro Mashima's Japanese manga series "Fairy Tail" has captured the interests of many fans and has been one of the best-selling manga in Japan and the rest of Asia since its first serialization. In 2009, it won the Kodansha Manga Award and was named as the Best Comedy Manga. The creator has previously announced that he is already finalizing the last few chapters of the manga series and fans can expect huge explosives to come soon. Since the manga is already in its final arc, all fans are thrilled with what the creator has to offer and the latest spoiler suggests that another character is returning.

As posted on Read Manga, "Fairy Tail" only has nine chapters remaining until the finale and Zeref's existence has finally come to an end. The latest chapter showcased Mavis' final reunion with Zeref as it was explained how Zeref became immortal and has finally brought this curse to an end. Apparently, Mavis is disheartened on how Zeref has created destruction in the world for such a long time especially to the guild.

Mavis used love, the most powerful magic that "Fairy Tail" has, on Zeref upon realizing how she loved him and they both departed happily into a never-ending nirvana. Fans were saddened though that Mavis had to go but it was only right to have reunited with the man she loved the most. Others say that the creator has done a good job with giving Zeref a happy ending.

Meanwhile, "Fairy Tail" guild master Makarov was resurrected when Mavis used the magic on Zeref. That said, many fans got disappointed at how the creator revived a dead character in the series. In a thread on Reddit, some fans say that while Mashima can create an interesting world, it appears that he can't make up his mind. Others say that it was a nonsense move to bring Makarov back.

Most "Fairy Tail" fans are certainly disappointed with Makarov coming back. "Am i the only one who thinks this chapter was bull for bringing back Makarov? I mean geez, the guy's done his run already," redditor Sayena08 wrote. "Time to pass the torch to the next gen, but no mashima sensei still brings him back with the power of LOVE."

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