'American Gods' Season 1 Episode 6 To Introduce First Non-Book Deity Vulcan In 'A Murder Of Gods'

11:06 AM EDT 5/31/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Fans have already met most of the colorful, vicious and absolutely entertaining deities in the first five episodes of "American Gods". However, a new character that was not part of Neil Gaiman's novel will finally debut in "A Murder of Gods". Who is Vulcan? And how will his introduction change things drastically for Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday in "American Gods" Season 1 Episode 6?

The introduction of Vulcan in "American Gods" has already been confirmed by showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green last year. Green told Entertainment Weekly that Neil Gaiman thought of including the Roman god of volcanoes and fire into the Starz series when he chanced upon a town in Alabama that boasted of a statue of Vulcan. Interestingly, the deity will appear as a New God instead of an old one (Vulcan will be depicted as the god of guns) and has a very particular history with Ian McShane's Mr. Wednesday. So how exactly will Vulcan take the series in a new direction in "A Murder of Gods"? Some believe that Corbin Bernsen's character could change the outcome of the war in "American Gods" Season 1 Episode 6.

There are speculations that Vulcan could be the one deity who is most similar to Mr. Wednesday, who is none other that the Norse god of war Odin himself. After all, you can't have war without the necessary firearms and the god of guns should be very useful to Wotan. It would be fun to see how an alliance between Vulcan and Mr. Wednesday will play out in "American Gods" Season 1 Episode 6. In the meantime, it might also be time for Laura Moon to reunite with Mad Sweeney in "A Murder of Gods".

The teaser for the next episode opens with Mad Sweeney telling Laura Moon that Shadow is no longer her man. "He's Wednesday's man now," the leprechaun declares, as per YouTube. Although there is little doubt that "A Murder of Gods" will focus on Vulcan but that doesn't mean that Laura will not have any screentime. "American Gods" Season 1 Episode 6 is air on Starz on June 4.

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