Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Bring Their Relationship to a Higher Level; Actress Admits She Wants Him to Protect Her

10:02 AM EDT 6/1/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have been one of the most hot-topics celebrities since they both starred in "Fifty Shades of Grey" and fans are still all over them until now. There were reports claiming that they are secretly hooking up despite the fact that the actor is married to English actress Amelia Warner. The duo play as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the "Fifty Shades" franchise and since then, they have been packed with nothing but controversy. Recent reports suggest that she admitted that she is now attached to her co-star.

Apparently, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson denied these gossips and the actress even said that she has so much respect to the actor's family. However, when she revealed that she only trusts no one but Amelia's husband when it comes to intimate scenes, fans believe that she is already attracted to the latter. She said that their friendship has reached to the point that she needs him to be protective of her.

Fans of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are now thinking that there must be something special between them. "We got to know each-other based around the fact that I needed him to be protective of me," she told Express. "I needed him to be able to tell when I'm uncomfortable and when things are too heightened and too emotional."

Earlier reports from CeleBeat suggest that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were also spotted making out even on-set. Because of these reports, it is said that Amelia Warner has banned her husband from working with other women including Angelina Jolie. This prompts fans to believe that Warner is already affected by the reports that her husband and his "Fifty Shades Freed" co-star already share intimate relationship.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have previously said that they have nothing with each other but friendship but fans are obviously not convinced. Others believe that working in steamy films together is not easy especially for attractive stars like them. This sparks speculations that the actor has been cheating on his wife since he and his co-star started filming.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have yet to comment on these theories. CeleBeat will provide more updates soon. Stay tuned!

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