'Vikings' Season 5 Creator Michael Hirst Teases Possible Ragnar Lothbrok Return? Lagertha Could Reunite With Beloved Husband

12:41 PM EDT 6/2/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Fans are still decidedly unhappy about the death of Ragnar Lothbrok in the fourth season of "Vikings", as some have even vowed to never watch the show now that Travis Fimmel has been killed off. But is it still possible that the former King of Kattegat will make an appearance in "Vikings" Season 5? Series creator Michael Hirst may have hinted at the possibility that fans haven't seen the last of Ragnar, who could still be reunited with his beloved Lagertha.

The death of Ragnar Lothbrok shouldn't have been shocking since the character has (sort of) died in the series several times. In the third season finale, the King of Kattegat was declared dead and managed to trick the French emperor into bringing his body into Paris. Nevertheless, there is still a chance that Ragnar will return to reunite with Lagertha and his sons in "Vikings" Season 5. Creator Michael Hirst has somehow confirmed that Travis Fimmel might be back really soon.

Michael Hirst recently conducted a Reddit AMA, where he answered several questions about the History show. One fan asked why there was no post-death reunion between Athelstan and Ragnar Lothbrok, and the creator stated that "there's no fantasy in 'Vikings'". However, Hirst also pointed out that both characters "continue to live on in the show". Some believe that the "Vikings" Season 5 executive producer may have hinted at the possibility that Athelstan and Ragnar could appear in a vision to Lagertha since she was very close to both characters.

But is it possible that Ragnar Lothbrok's return could mean that Lagertha's story is coming to an end? There are speculations that the new Queen of Kattegat is in danger of being killed by Ivar the Boneless in "Vikings" Season 5. However, Katheryn Winnick may have hinted on Lagertha's survival when she posted an Instagram photo with her castmates, as per CeleBeat. Find out if Ragnar appears in a vision when the next season of "Vikings" airs on History this fall.

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