'The Punisher' Set To Be Completely Different From Marvel Shows; Jon Bernthal Frank Castle Has No 'Daredevil','The Defenders' Connection?

10:32 AM EDT 6/5/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Fans have been looking forward "The Punisher" since the standalone series featuring Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle was announced last year, so it's no surprise that everyone is talking about the show's possible November air date. So what exactly can people expect when the Netflix series premieres this fall? There are speculations that the new Marvel show will have nothing to do with Bernthal's previous series "Daredevil" or even "The Defenders".

"The Punisher" standalone series was confirmed last year and Jon Bernthal immediately started work on the Netflix show a little ahead of "The Defenders". This led to speculations that Frank Castle will make an appearance in the series featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. However, it looks like Bernthal's steely vigilante doesn't want anything to do with Hell's Kitchen's heroes. Is it possible that "The Punisher" will have absolutely no connection to the other Marvel shows?

There is little doubt that Frank Castle will be nowhere near Hell's Kitchen following the events in "Daredevil" Season 2. Nevertheless, the Netflix series will still feature a familiar face alongside Jon Bernthal. It has already been confirmed that Deborah Ann Woll will appear as Karen Page, which means that she could still offer references to "The Defenders". However, this could be the only connection to the other Marvel shows in "The Punisher".

So is it possible that Jon Bernthal's highly anticipated series will premiere much earlier than expected? Dearbhla Walsh, who directed the fifth episode, has somehow confirmed that the show is "not airing until November", as per The Hollywood Reporter. This certainly seems like the perfect time for Frank Castle to return to Netflix, just a few months after Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones get their gang together. In the meantime, "The Defenders" is set to air on August 18.

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