'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 94 - 98 Spoilers, Titles, Release Dates and Synopses: Frieza Leaves Universe 7 and Joins Universe 4!

9:12 PM EDT 6/7/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is almost here and all participating universes are gearing up for the ultimate battle royal. There have been spoilers that surfaced online for the upcoming episode. However, the latest are the synopses and titles for episodes 94, 95, 96, 97 and 98.

Todd Blankenship @Herms98 shared the titles of "Dragon Ball Super" episodes on Twitter although there's one episode title, which is yet to be decided. "Titles for DBS 94-98 (well, 94-97). No summaries though," he tweeted. "Apparently there's some sort of tournament about to start, if you can believe that."

CeleBeat has previously shared that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 94 sees Sidra, the God of Destruction from Universe 9 teaming up with Quitela, the God of Destruction from Universe 4 to take down Frieza. It looks like this will happen in episode 94. However, as other experts suggest, the Gods of Destruction might have a hard time against Frieza.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 94 is titled "Evil Emperor Resurrected! Mysterious Assassins Awaits!" that will air on June 11 while episode 95 is titled "Goku and Freeza Unite - Trap of Universe 4" to air on June 18. Episode 95 would be an exciting one as Goku and Frieza will fight together against Universe 9. While they're fighting, Quitela is watching from a distance and secretly comes up with a plan.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 96 will be aired on June 25, titled "Emergency Again! The Last Warrior is HIM?," which sees Frieza leaving the team and joins Universe 4. Episode 97 is titled "Who Will Survive?! Tournament of Power Finally Begins!!" and is set to air on July 2. As for episode 98, the title is still undecided but the synopsis says that the universes are being divided into two groups.

The two groups are made up of those who had a deal with Universe 11 in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 98. The other group would be for those who did not. Whatever deal this is will be determined comes July 9.

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