'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Finale Might Feature Dylan O'Brien Return; Scott, Stiles Still Set For One Last Surprise Reunion?

11:41 AM EDT 6/10/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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There is much anticipation over the last 10 episodes of "Teen Wolf" Season 6 since it has been revealed that several characters are set to return in the final season. There have been speculations that Derek, Jackson, Isaac and even Allison will be back in the MTV series. So is there any chance that Mieczyslaw "Stiles" Stilinski will still be a major part of the show? Some believe that Dylan O'Brien will make an appearance in the "Teen Wolf" Season 6 finale so Stiles and Scott can have at least one more reunion.

Fans have been holding on to hope that the world has not seen the last of Stiles in the winter finale despite reports that Dylan O'Brien is done with the series. CeleBeat has previously reported that the "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" actor was notably absent at the "Teen Wolf" Season 6 finale wrap party, which might confirm that O'Brien will not appear in the last 10 episodes. However, some believe there is still a chance that Scott will reunite with Stiles in the end.

There are speculations that Dylan O'Brien has already filmed his scenes for the "Teen Wolf" Season 6 finale where Stiles is expected to take a break from college to help Scott save Beacon Hills one last time. After all, the series had started with the two sneaking into the woods where Scott got bitten by Peter Hale. Some believe it would only be fitting that the final season should conclude with Scott and Stiles battling hunters. Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation yet on whether the "American Assassin" actor will be back in the show.

Dylan O'Brien's return in the "Teen Wolf" Season 6 finale might not yet be certain but fans can expect Scott's father to make another appearance in the series, as per TVLine. The "Teen Wolf" Season 6B air date has not yet been announced but the show is expected to premiere in July or August.

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