'One Piece' Chapter 868 Spoilers: Capone Bege Transforms Unexpectedly; Big Mom vs Big Father Battle to Set Off

10:55 AM EDT 6/12/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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The previous chapter of "One Piece" has showcased Luffy with the Straw Hat Pirates and Capone Bege's success in manipulating Lady Pudding and Sanji Vinsmoke's wedding. It can be recalled how Brulee was compelled to turn some animals into Luffy's hundreds of clones. Brook also disguised as Luffy to destroy the portrait of Mother Caramel, which Big Mom holds dearly. Chapter 868 sees Big Mom's rage when she found out that the photo has been destroyed, leaving the Straw Hat Pirates trapped on the rooftop.

Warning. This article contains spoilers of "One Piece" chapter 868. Proceed at your own risk.

Earlier reports from Celebeat revealed that "One Piece" chapter 865 featured Capone Bege aiming a rocket launcher at Big Mom, which everyone expected to finish her off. However, they did not expect that she would be able to destroy it. Together, Luffy and his crew darted to the multi-dimensional mirror in an attempt to escape but Big Mom's scream is known to be extremely powerful and broke the mirror.

That said, "One Piece" chapter 868 spoilers reveal that Luffy and his crew, together with Capone Bege are trapped on the rooftop, which gives them a hard time to escape. However, the manga revealed explosives when Bege unexpectedly transformed into a massive castle or known as the Big Father. As posted on Read Manga, when Bege transformed, he asked Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to enter the castle for safety.

The previous chapter of "One Piece" has finally explained why Mother Caramel's portrait was extremely important to Big Mom. It turned out that the former adopted the Yonko when her parents abandoned her. From that time, Mother Caramel has become her parent but she suddenly disappeared. Theories have it that Big Mom ate her by accident.

Meanwhile, Capone Bege's transformation, which will be featured in "One Piece" chapter 868 appears to be his power that was awakened. However, its origin remains unknown and is yet to be revealed in the next chapters. Stay tuned to Celebeat!

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