'Teen Wolf' Season 6B Bringing Back Isaac Lahey? Daniel Sharman Eager To Return In Final Season

9:59 AM EDT 6/14/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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The final season of "Teen Wolf" will mark the end of an era, but which characters will be back to help Scott McCall in his last battle? There are speculations that Isaac Lahey will finally return from France and find his way back into Scott's pack. So is it possible that Daniel Sharman will reprise the role he abandoned back in the third season? Chances are, the young actor is eager for a comeback in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B.

Viewers were immediately drawn to Isaac Lahey because of his tragic backstory. The teenager was constantly abused by his father, who was later killed by Jackson Whittemore. Although he was initially part of Derek Hale's pack, Isaac decided to join Scott McCall and eventually fell in love with Allison Argent. Unfortunately, the young werewolf left Beacon Hills with Chris Argent shortly after Allison's death but that doesn't mean that Daniel Sharman has no plans in returning in time for "Teen Wolf" Season 6B.

Daniel Sharman may have asked to leave "Teen Wolf" but he had also made it clear that he still has plans to bring Isaac Lahey back. "He specifically asked that we not kill off Isaac, so that he could have the chance to return," Jeff Davis told E! News. The executive producer also stated that "there's a great possibility of" Sharman reprising his role in the future. Well, it certainly seems like a good time to return to Beacon Hills now that Scott McCall will need all the help he can get in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B.

The teaser for the second half of the final season suggests that Scott McCall is on the run from hunters in the woods (via YouTube). Interestingly, Scott keeps hearing Gerald and Chris Argent's voices stating that "we find them, we kill them all." It certainly looks like Scott and his pack are in deep trouble in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B. Hopefully, old friends like Isaac Lahey and Derek Hale will be back to help save the day.

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