'Vikings' Season 5 Set For Another Major Time Leap; Ivar The Boneless Emulates Ragnar Lothbrok With Elaborate Plan To Conquer England?

9:29 PM EDT 6/25/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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There is little doubt that "Vikings" Season 5 will cover a lot in the upcoming 20 episodes. After all, the series is well known for its fast pacing that pushes the storylines further in a span of one season. So will the show feature another major time leap following Ivar the Boneless' life in England? It is possible that the crippled son of Ragnar Lothbrok has an elaborate plan to avenge his father later this year.

It's no secret that Ragnar Lothbrok has a gift for preparing elaborate plans to ensure his victory. Some of his schemes even took months to complete. For instance, Ragnar told the French emperor that he wanted to convert to Christianity in the third season so he could be given a Christian funeral. As soon as his body was taken into Paris, the King of Kattegat miraculously rose from his casket, took the French princess captive and opened the gates for his fellow Northmen. Is it possible that Ivar the Boneless is planning something similar to conquer England in "Vikings" Season 5?

CeleBeat has previously reported on the possibility that Ivar the Boneless will decide to stay in England to cultivate the lands allegedly given to the Northmen by the late King Ecbert. There are speculations that Ivar intends to make Saxon allies year after year then convince them to rise up against Aethelwulf. The time-consuming plan could mean that "Vikings" Season 5 will see another time leap that could jump a few years. This could then see Ivar face up against Aethelwulf's sons Althered and Alfred as well as Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' Bishop Heahmund.

There is no word yet on the "Vikings" Season 5 air date but Katheryn Winnick may have teased on the possibility that an announcement will be made soon (via Instagram). Make sure to check CeleBeat for the latest updates on your favorite TV shows.

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