'Limitless' Season 2: Producer Hints New Plot for the Series; Series to Air on Netflix or Amazon?

6:00 AM EDT 6/26/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Fans have been dying to see "Limitless" season 2 in the small screens once again since it first premiered in September 2015 on CBS. In August 2016, CBS executive producer Craig Sweeney said that the series remains canceled despite fans' petition. It is said that the showrunners already have concepts for the second installment even before the producers decided to cancel the show for good. Recently, some fans suggest that since CBS did not renew the show for another season, it is possible that the series would take shelter through Netflix or Amazon.

Sweeney previously revealed that he has big plans for "Limitless" season 2 but it may not focus on Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) any longer after his big secret was revealed unless there will be drastic changes. "I think that unless something were to change fairly drastically, there would be no place for him there," he told IGN. "His utility to them is as somebody who can take NZT without the harmful side effects... so Brian's time at the FBI is over."

It is clear that Sweeny has had huge and exciting plans for "Limitless" season 2 if only it wasn't canceled. The series earned an overwhelming fanbase due to its storyline that follows the controversial brain-enhancing drug called NZT-48. Once consumed, the person turns extremely smart as it unlocks the human brain's full capabilities. It enhances the person's mental senses as it can provide access to each neuron of the user's brain.

Because of the show's immense success in the first few episodes, most viewers were pretty sure that there will be "Limitless" season 2. However, during the last few months of the series, its ratings significantly dropped, prompting the producers to cancel the show permanently. Despite that, fans remain hopeful that a second installment is still possible but believes that it would either be Amazon or Netflix that will take over the show.

Fans are all over Twitter to express their thoughts about having "Limitless" season 2. "Just thought you should be reminded that [the show] is way worth a season 2 and you're making a mistake not making it," a fan wrote. Others say they're hoping for a miracle to happen.

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