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Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa 2017: 'Aquaman' Star Goes Fanboy Over Temuera Morrison, Arthur Curry Loves DCEU Daddy [PHOTO]

7:31 AM EDT 4/30/2017

Jason Momoa has finally met "Aquaman" co-star Temuera Morrison and it was just as awesome as anyone would expect!Read more

George R.R. Martin

'The Winds Of Winter' Author George R.R. Martin, Major Marvel Fan? 'Game Of Thrones' Writer Goes Fanboy For Stan Lee

7:24 AM EDT 4/30/2017

George R.R Martin was once a major Marvel fanboy who wrote a fan letter to Stan Lee!Read more

Billy Crudup and Michael Fassbender

'Alien: Covenant' Funko Pop Toy Features Major Oram SPOILERS, Billy Crudup Character Meets Xenomorph Too Soon? [PHOTO]

11:49 AM EDT 4/29/2017

It looks like Billy Crudup is set to get up close and personal with a facehugger in "Alien: Covenant"!Read more

Manu Bennett

'Arrow' Season 5 Finale SPOILERS: Manu Bennett Deathstroke Reunites With Stephen Amell Oliver Queen In 'Lian Yu'

11:48 AM EDT 4/29/2017

Will Deathstroke join Oliver Queen in the fight against Prometheus or will be work with the villain in "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 23?Read more

Stephen Amell of

Anne Rice 'Vampire Chronicles' TV Series Still Searching For Lestat, Stephen Amell No Longer Possible Brat Prince?

11:48 AM EDT 4/29/2017

Has Anne Rice changed her mind about casting Stephen Amell as Lestat in the "Vampire Diaries" TV series!Read more

Sulllivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander of

'Blindspot' Season 2 Episode 20 Spoilers: Jane Doe Set For Epic Fight Against Ronda Rousey In 'In Words, Drown I'

8:14 AM EDT 4/29/2017

It's Jane Doe vs Ronda Rousey in the race to save Zapata in "Blindspot" Season 2 Episode 20!Read more

George Miller and Tom Hardy

'Mad Max: The Wasteland' Director George Miller Confirms Doof Warrior Return; Tom Hardy Reunites With Flame-Throwing Guitarist

8:09 AM EDT 4/29/2017

Tom Hardy's Max Rockatansky and the Doof Warrior are confirmed to return in "Mad Max: The Wasteland"!Read more

Tom Holland

Tom Holland 2017: 'Spider-Man: Homecoming" Star Helps Jon Bernthal The Punisher In Richard Armitage Thriller 'Pilgrimage'

3:24 PM EDT 4/28/2017

Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal are practically BFFs after working on "Pilgrimage" together!Read more

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel Named 2016 Most Handsome Australian Actor, 'Vikings' Season 5 Alum Beats Out Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman

9:30 AM EDT 4/28/2017

Travis Fimmel is officially much hotter than Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth and Alex O'Loughlin!Read more

Britt Robertson

'Girlboss' Star Britt Robertson Not A Sophia Amoruso Fan? 'Space Between Us' Actress Dishes On Netflix Series, Season 2 Possible?

9:29 AM EDT 4/28/2017

Britt Robertson reportedly didn't read Sophia Amoruso's book until after she won the lead role in "Girlboss"!Read more

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed Split: 'Vampire Diaries' Actor, 'Twilight' Star Fight Off Divorce Speculations With Sweet Anniversary Messages

4:13 AM EDT 4/28/2017

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed celebrate their second wedding anniversary amidst divorce speculations!Read more

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus 2017: 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Star Shares Cheeky Melissa McBride Photo, Carol Checks Daryl's Butt

4:12 AM EDT 4/28/2017

Melissa McBride can't help but steal a glance at "The Walking Dead" Season 8 co-star Norman Reedus' butt!Read more

Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins of 'Supernatural'

'Supernatural' Season 12 Star Jared Padalecki Teases Misha Collins Over Drake Obsession, Castiel Loves Canadian Rapper?

3:58 AM EDT 4/28/2017

Jared Padalecki may have just confirmed that "Supernatural" Season 12 co-star Misha Collins is a huge Drake fan!Read more

Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Dylan O'Brien

'Maze Runner 3' Star Thomas Sangster Gets Fancast As #FindFinch For Jennifer Nivens Novel 'All The Bright Places' Film Adaptation

3:54 AM EDT 4/28/2017

Could Thomas Brodie-Sangster get cast as Theodore Finch in the film adaptation of "All The Bright Places"?Read more

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill 2017: 'Justice League' Star Offers Mustache Advice, DCEU Superman Wants To Keep 'Mission Impossible 6' Facial Hair [PHOTO]

3:54 AM EDT 4/28/2017

Henry Cavill is definitely loving his new mustache in "Mission Impossible 6"!Read more

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