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Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard And Jef Holm Are Engaged

3:36 PM EDT 7/23/2012

Emily Maynard is officially off the market. After last night's "Bachelorette" her good news is headline news; Maynard and Jef Holmes are set to get hitched.Read more

Taylor Swift accepts a Teen Choice Award

The 2012 Teen Choice Awards: Highlights And Winners

9:05 AM EDT 7/23/2012

Last night the 2012 Teen Choice Award winners were crowned, the collective teen voice was heard, and a lot of young celebrities were suddenly struck by the realization that they haven't learned to surf yet.Read more

Ellen Degeneres at last year's Teen Choice Awards

Opinion Piece: My Picks For the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

2:19 PM EDT 7/22/2012

Tonight the 2012 Teen Choice Awards will air, an award ceremony that lets teens decide which song deserves a place on the most playlists, which actor's performance was the most worthy of multiple GIFs, and which celebrity's tweets merit retweets and screenshots. Giant surfboards will be given out, fans will scream, and Justin Bieber will give the audience a dreamy stare.Read more

Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller Has Received A Restraining Order Against A Stalker

4:56 PM EDT 7/20/2012

Actress Lauren Miller, star of the upcoming comedy "For a Good Time, Call" and wife of Seth Rogen, has received a temporary restraining order against Yasin Ajani, a dangerously overzealous fan.Read more

Katie Holmes will perform in the play Dead Accounts.

Katie Holmes Is Broadway Bound

3:07 PM EDT 7/20/2012

Katie Holmes, newly divorced and still making headlines for her every post-Cruise move, has some breaking career news to balance the barrage of personal life updates. Holmes has lined up her first acting gig as a divorcee; she's heading to the Broadway stage.Read more

The Dark Knight Rises

Paris Premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Called Off After Colorado Shooting

11:24 AM EDT 7/20/2012

After the shocking and tragic shooting at a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Colorado a decision has been made to cancel the movie's scheduled premiere in Paris. Any interviews scheduled for the movie's stars have also been canceled.Read more

Wilfred Recap: The Present Moment

Wilfred Recap: The Present Moment

11:53 PM EDT 7/19/2012

Tonight's episode of "Wilfred" was all about living in the now. Ryan decides now that he has some money saved up it's time to invest, but Wilfred thinks it's time to sit back and smell the roses (and some less pleasant things). Ryan's co-worker Kevin offers to hook him up with a top investment guy, and after a lunch meeting said guy offers Ryan the chance to invest in a new mall development for the low, low price of $10,000.Read more

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Nominations

Opinion Piece: My Top Picks For Emmy Snubs

4:56 PM EDT 7/19/2012

The 2012 Emmy nods have been announced, and part of the traditional coverage is calling out the shows and actors who were snubbed. Some absences were surprising, some were expected, and some are so frustrating you might have felt it necessary to watch an hour of cute cat videos just to deal with the injustice of it all. Here are my six snub picks for this year's Emmy nominations.Read more

Ed Helms

Ed Helms Skips Chick-fil-A Because Of Their Anti-Gay Marriage Position

1:09 PM EDT 7/19/2012

"The Hangover" actor Ed Helms is putting his principals before his stomach. Though Helms might crave a chicken sandwich that's only a drive-through away he's decided to boycott Chick-fil-A for their vocal position against gay marriage.Read more

Mellssa McCarthy holds her Emmy.

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Nominations Are Here

12:01 PM EDT 7/19/2012

The 2012 Emmy nominations are out, and with exception of a few newcomers like "Girls" and "Veep" the list is dominated by veterans of the award. "Modern Family" actors retain a huge presence in comedy, "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" remain huge forces in drama, and "American Horror Story" is back for another crack at Miniseries. Here is a list of this year's major nominees in comedy and drama; you can check out the full list here. The Emmy Awards will air September 23rd, so tune in if...Read more

Royal Pains

Royal Pains Recap: Tough Love

12:31 AM EDT 7/19/2012

This week's episode of "Royal Pains" opens with Hank jogging leisurely across the sand where he runs right into Harper's extreme yoga ball class and quickly joins in on their sit-up session. Proving to be completely immune to his sexy core strength Harper brushes off his advances, holding fast to her no dating doctors rule. To his credit Hank doesn't counter with, "but I'm so cute," though you can tell that's what he was thinking.Read more

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Having A Baby Boy

3:10 PM EDT 7/18/2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar, the star of "Ringer" (though she's probably known to most as Buffy) is expecting a baby boy. Gellar already has a daughter with husband Freddie Prinze Jr. The couple announced they were expecting a second child this spring but reports are just surfacing that they'll be stocking their nursery with tiny blue clothes.Read more

Finding Nemo 2

'Finding Nemo 2' Is Becoming A Reality

12:13 PM EDT 7/18/2012

Pixar fans who long for more of Dory's babbling and Marlin's neuroses might get their wish; Pixar is rumored to be planning "Finding Nemo 2." Andrew Stanton, who directed the sci-fi flick "John Carter" will reportedly direct the continued adventures of the clown fish and his son.Read more

Halle Berry

Halle Berry Was Injured On Set

10:15 AM EDT 7/18/2012

Making movies might seem like a glamorous business, but sometimes a movie set can prove dangerous. "X-Men" star Halle Berry suffered a head injury this Tuesday while filming her upcoming movie "The Hive." Berry was working through one of the more physical scenes when the injury occurred.Read more

Teen Mom

Teen Mom Recap: Everything Changes

12:43 AM EDT 7/18/2012

This week on "Teen Mom" Bentley's using big words, Tyler can't stop worrying about Butch, Amber hasn't quite worked out her anger issues and poor,poor Stich gets an unwelcome makeover.Read more

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