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George Clooney Talks of Oscars 2016 Diversity Issue

12:16 AM EST 1/20/2016

Oscar winner himself disses Academy for not being diverse enough.Read more

Madonna Slams Her Concert Critics

9:31 PM EST 1/19/2016

'Bitch I'm Madonna' singer hates being called drunk, fires back at her detractors.Read more

Khloe Kardashian Talks About Sex Tape

9:22 PM EST 1/19/2016

Reality star also talks about sex tape with former husband.Read more

Miley Cyrus Wears Engagement Ring Again

8:09 PM EST 1/19/2016

“Hannah Montana” star is said to be engaged once more.Read more

Kourtney Kardashian Talks About her Nude Photoshoot Last Year

10:25 AM EST 1/19/2016

The new episode of "Keepoing Up with the Kardashians" showed behind-the-scenes of a nude photoshoot.Read more

Angelina Jolie Looks Thin In 'Kung Fu Panda 3' Premiere

10:36 PM EST 1/17/2016

Brad Pitt's wife is proud of her children and husband.Read more

'Loose Women' Host Reports 1D Fans To Police For Abusing Her After Tweeting Harry Styles

10:16 PM EST 1/17/2016

Married mother and host shared that she has been trolled by Harry Styles' fans.Read more

Liam Payne Talks About One Direction Split, Zayn Malik Returns

8:05 PM EST 1/17/2016

1D band member clears up speculations on a solo career.Read more

Niall Horan's Brother Causes One Directioners To Worry

7:16 PM EST 1/17/2016

According to Greg Horan, his famous brother does not pay him enough attention even though he has been nothing but supportive.Read more

David Bowie Faced Death Without A Fuss

6:53 PM EST 1/17/2016

British artist kept his illness away from the public's eye until he died, facing the battle bravely.Read more

Batman And Superman Fight In A New Teaser Clip For 'Batman V. Superman'

5:31 AM EST 1/15/2016

Director Zack Snyder released a new teaser clip for the highly anticipated DC movie.Read more

David Bowie Broken A Record Even In Death

4:42 AM EST 1/15/2016

'Lazarus' singer now holds the number one spot in Vevo.Read more

Spice Girls Without Posh Spice Will Reunite For A Tour, Geri Halliwell Says

4:29 AM EST 1/15/2016

The popular ‘90s girl band is set to come back for a tour 20 years since its first hit.Read more

Kate Hudson Shares How She Managed To Stay In Shape for Golden Globes

4:00 AM EST 1/15/2016

The 36-year-old actress swears by diet and exercise to stay slim and fit.Read more

Nick Carter Has Been Charged With Misdemeanor Battery For Bar Fight

2:19 AM EST 1/15/2016

Former Backstreet Boys member caused ruckus in a popular bar and got arrested.Read more

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