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Kate Middleton Celeberates Birthday Simply, Attends to Royal Duties Immediately After

5:12 AM EST 1/11/2016

The Dutchess of Cambridge kept her day simple, spends it like her ordinary days.Read more

Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham are Currently Engaged in a Twitter War

4:57 AM EST 1/11/2016

Rapper and reality star feuding over latter's treatment of her mom.Read more

Paul Walker's Charity Received Less From Fast & Furious 6' Sales Than Expected

3:35 AM EST 1/11/2016

Deceased actor’s foundation does not get what it should deserve from movie sales, sources state.Read more

Madonna Still Loves Ex-Husband Sean Penn, Defends Single, Working Moms

11:18 PM EST 1/10/2016

Madonna publicly stated her love for ex-husband Sean Penn and defends herself as a working single mother.Read more

Scott Disick, Lina Sanberg Broke Up Even Before They Became a Couple

11:00 PM EST 1/10/2016

Scot Disick will rather be a good father than someone's new boyfriend, sources said.Read more

Meghan Trainor Says She Is Still Single

2:50 AM EST 1/8/2016

Singer-songwriter still has no time for someone in her life, excited for next album "Thank You" release.Read more

Zayn Malik Says No Rivalry Between Him and One Direction

2:06 AM EST 1/8/2016

English singer said he tried to reach out to the other members of his former band but did not get a reply.Read more

Crystal Reed Returns to 'Teen Wolf'

1:44 AM EST 1/8/2016

Fans can catch the 30-year-old actress back in the series on its Feb. 23 episode.Read more

Khloe Kardashian Shares Tips on How Rob Can Lose Weight

1:24 AM EST 1/8/2016

Reality star shares some tips on how to transform one's body after a breakup.Read more

Janet Jackson Denies Cancer Rumors, Says Postponed Shows Will Be Rescheduled

10:58 PM EST 1/7/2016

Singer was forced to speak up about her health after vague Facebook post led to speculations that she has cancer.Read more

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