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George R.R. Martin

'The Winds Of Winter' Might Feature Lyanna Mormont POV; George R.R. Martin Currently Working On Lady Of Bear Island Chapter?

11:27 AM EDT 6/15/2017

Is George R.R. Martin writing a Lyanna Mormont chapter for "The Winds of Winter"?Read more

George R.R. Martin

'The Winds Of Winter' Release Date Set For November? George R.R. Martin Hard At Work On New 'ASOIAF' Pages

6:15 AM EDT 6/5/2017

Has George R.R. Martin gone into hibernation mode to complete "The Winds of Winter" in time for a November release date?Read more

George R.R. Martin

'The Winds Of Winter' Author George R.R. Martin Possibly Abandoning 'Game Of Thrones' Spin-offs In Favor Of 'ASOIAF' Book Completion?

10:07 AM EDT 6/1/2017

Will George R.R. Martin stop working on the "Game of Thrones" spinoff shows to finish writing "The Winds of Winter"?Read more

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington of

'The Winds Of Winter' Could Feature Jon Snow POV On Dying And Resurrection; George RR Martin Finishing New Chapter

7:23 AM EDT 5/22/2017

A new POV chapter in "The Winds of Winter" could prove that Jon Snow is Azor Ahai!Read more

George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin Teases 'The Winds Of Winter' Release Date, Sixth 'ASOIAF' Novel To Be Published Before 'Game Of Thrones' Spinoffs

11:09 AM EDT 5/18/2017

Will "The Winds of Winter" get published ahead of George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" spinoff shows?Read more

George R.R. Martin

'The Winds Of Winter' Release Date Delayed Again; George R.R. Martin Still Working On New Pages For Sixth 'ASOIAF' Novel

7:11 AM EDT 5/14/2017

Can George R.R. Martin complete "The Winds of Winter" before the end of the year?Read more

'The Winds of Winter' Co-Written With Neil Gaiman to Expedite Its Release? Book Will Resolve the Cliffhangers From 'a Dance With Dragons'

11:51 AM EDT 5/2/2017

"The Winds of Winter" author George R.R. Martin has been busy with his other projects, leaving fans disappointed that the book's release might be delayed again but reports claim that Neil Gaiman is now co-writing with GRRM to expedite the work and get an earlier release date.Read more

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‘The Winds Of Winter' Update: Book To Read While Waiting; ‘Game Of Thrones’ Influence

8:36 AM EDT 4/21/2017

"The Book of Swords" is a novel that fans should start reading while waiting for "The Winds of Winter" release.Read more

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

‘The Winds of Winter’ Proofreading Stage: George RR Martin Unconfirmed Status; 'Game Of Thrones' Released Later Time?

9:10 AM EDT 4/18/2017

George RR Martin did not provide an official statement on the status of "The Winds of Winter", but fans are saying it is on the proofreading stage.Read more

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

‘The Winds of Winter’ Release Date, News & Update: 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Will Come Out Before The Novel?

9:41 AM EDT 4/11/2017

There are possibilities that fans will have to watch "Game of Thrones" Season 8 before they get hold of "The Winds of Winter".Read more

George R. R. Martin at SundanceTV's 'Hap & Leonard' Screening

'The Winds of Winter' Release Appears to Be Delayed Again; Martin Is Focused on His New Film Studio

9:51 AM EDT 3/31/2017

"The Winds of Winter" will solve the cliffhangers from the previous installment "A Dance with Dragons" but it appears that fans will have to wait a little longer before its release.Read more

Game of Thrones Season 5

Game of Thrones Season 5: First Official Teaser Trailer Focuses on Arya Stark

1:30 AM EST 11/30/2014

HBO has just launched an online viral campaign for Game of Thrones season five with the release last Tuesday of a ten-second teaser trailer that is focused exclusively on Arya Stark (played by Maisie Williams).Read more

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