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Orlando Jones

'American Gods' Star Orlando Jones Reveals Why New Starz Show Is Perfect, Mr. Nancy Calls Neil Gaiman Series "Fanfiction"

12:12 PM EDT 4/30/2017

Orlando Jones is loving the "American Gods" TV series, calling it "fanfiction"!Read more

Premiere Of Starz's 'American Gods' - Arrivals

'American Gods' Spoiler: Premier Date; Author's Promise; Second Book Prepared?

9:08 PM EDT 4/23/2017

Neil Gaiman intends for readers to grasp the entire story, releasing the book early before it comes out on the TV Series.Read more

Neil Gaiman and Ricky Whittle of

'American Gods' Star Ricky Whittle Teases Shocking Non-Neil Gaiman Finale, Which Character Will Get Killed Off?

9:06 PM EDT 4/23/2017

Ricky Whittle may have revealed a shocking twist for Shadow Moon in Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" TV series!Read more

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