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Caulifla or the Female Broly in

'Dragon Ball Super' Updates: More Details on the Female Broly; How She Got Her Name & Being Linked to Broly

6:52 AM EDT 5/8/2017

"Dragon Ball Super" Universal Survival arc also features the Female Broly, whose form is said to be more powerful than Super Saiyan 3.Read more

Female Broly's New Character Design in

'Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Getting to Know More of the Female Broly Who Appears to Have Two Forms; New Character Design Revealed

7:30 AM EDT 4/20/2017

One of the hot topics in "Dragon Ball Super" Universal Survival arc is the Female Broly whose character design has been revealed, which fans believe that she could be from Universe 6 and possesses two forms.Read more

Will the Female Broly represent Universe 6 in

'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Female Broly Might Represent Universe 6; Gods of Destruction Attack Plans

10:24 AM EDT 4/12/2017

"Dragon Ball Super" spoilers revealed that the Female Broly might fight for Universe 6 following Champa's desperate orders that he wants more Saiyans in his team.Read more

Female BROLY Revealed in

'Dragon Ball Super': Meet the Female Broly; The Saiyan Who Is a Huge Threat in the Tournament of Power

11:28 AM EDT 4/11/2017

The female Broly was first introduced in the Universal Survival arc official trailer but the Saiyan is yet to be named in the series.Read more

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