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Gohan's New Transformation in

'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Gohan Will Sacrifice for Goku to Achieve His Max Form; His Death Is Possible

11:31 AM EDT 4/7/2017

The Universes are gearing up for the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power and Goku is said to have his max form achieved but Gohan will have to sacrifice that might lead to his death.Read more

Action Figure of Goku by Dragon Ball. Thousands of visitors...

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 81 Latest Spoilers News & Updates: The Fate Of The Multiverse Is In Goku's Hands

9:57 AM EST 2/27/2017

Fans are really excited for the final battle between universe 7 and 9 in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81.Read more

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