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Goku tries to recruit Lapis Android 17 in the Dragon Ball Super

'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Goku Will Recruit Android 17 To Fight The Universe 11

2:54 PM EDT 4/11/2017

In the next episode of the series. Goku will try to recruit Android 17 to join his team, while the Pride Trooper and gods of Universe 11 will strengthen their force.Read more

Universe 11 Warrior Jiren in

'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Universe 11 Gearing for the Tournament of Power; Jiren the Gray Looks More Powerful

9:31 AM EDT 4/4/2017

Toei Animation release a "Dragon Ball Super" preview showcasing Universe 11 and its powerful warriors in deep training in preparation for the multiverse deadly Tournament of Power.Read more

'Dragon Ball Super' News and Update: Here Are the Four Strongest Universes That Are Safe From Elimination in Tournament of Power

11:55 AM EDT 3/27/2017

The "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power has started and not all universes are part of it as there are four other universes that are exempted, which makes them safe from elimination.Read more

'Dragon Ball Super': Attractive Angel Marcarita Appears to Be in a Romantic Relationship With the God of Destruction

2:59 PM EDT 3/23/2017

"Dragon Ball Super" Universe 11 has been introduced including the attractive angel of the God of Destruction, who fights against evil.Read more

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