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Farrah Abraham

'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Celebrates Her 23rd Birthday With Strippers

7:06 PM EDT 6/3/2014

Farrah Abraham rang in her 23rd birthday surrounded by naked men and naughty toys.Read more

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Denies Being Fired From 'Teen Mom'

10:41 PM EDT 6/2/2014

Farrah Abraham may not have been fired from 'Teen Mom,' as reports have claimed.Read more

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Denies Being A Porn Star, Says She's "OK" With Being A Sex Symbol

3:01 PM EDT 5/30/2014

Farrah Abraham may have starred in a sex tape, but according to her, she's no porn star.Read more

Farrah Abraham

'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Royalties Revealed

10:00 AM EDT 5/15/2014

Farrah Abraham continues to rake in the dough nearly one year after the release of her sex tape.Read more

Farrah Abraham and Sophia

Farrah Abraham Reportedly Fired From Upcoming 'Teen Mom'

12:24 PM EDT 5/7/2014

'Teen Mom' may be returning, but it looks like fans won't be seeing one of the stars.Read more

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery: 'Teen Mom' Has "Unnatural" Lips

1:13 PM EDT 4/5/2014

Farrah Abraham's lips are looking a bit fuller than usual as of late, and one top surgeon suspects she may have gotten them re-done.Read more

Michael Abraham and Sophia

Sex Tape Star Farrah Abraham's Dad Michael Abraham To Write Tell-All

10:58 AM EDT 4/3/2014

Farrah Abraham's dad is following in her footsteps and planning to release a book.Read more

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Says Jenelle Evans Is Obsessed With Being Negative Towards Her, Calls Her Boyfriend "White Trash"

8:44 PM EST 2/13/2014

Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans have been feuding on and off for several months now. In the latest development in their ongoing battle, Abraham is responding to Evans' recent criticism of her life.Read more

Farrah Abraham at Sugar Factory

Farrah Abraham Confirms 'Teen Mom' Special 'Being Farrah,' Updates Fans On Her Relationship With Her Father

12:00 PM EST 2/8/2014

Over a year after the show's 4th season came to an end, Farrah Abraham and the girls of Teen Mom are coming back to MTV in three all-new specials.Read more

Farrah Abraham at Sugar Factory

Farrah Abraham Updates Fans On Her Mental Heath Following 'Couple's Therapy'

7:28 PM EST 2/5/2014

Farrah Abraham recently participated in VH1’s Couple’s Therapy, and while the series is a reality show, it’s also meant to help the participant’s mental health. Abraham, for one, says she’s a better person because of it.Read more

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham's Father Supports Her Alleged Reality TV Scams?

12:58 PM EST 1/16/2014

Farrah Abraham was recently accused of attempting to hire a fake boyfriend to star alongside her on Couple's Therapy, but oddly, Farrah's father doesn't see anything wrong with her actions. Instead, he is standing by her, defending her actions and claiming they were simply part of the industry of reality TV.Read more

Farrah Abraham at Sugar Factory

Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Plot Uncovered: Proof That She Lied About Arranging The Flick

8:07 AM EST 1/13/2014

After selling her sex tape in April of last year, former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham claimed to press that she had made the tape for her personal use and claimed she only sold the tape out of fear that her sex tape co-star, porn star James Deen, would leak the footage. However, in a graphic new email, Farrah is being proven a liar.Read more

Brian Dawe

Farrah Abraham's Rumored Boyfriend Brian Dawe Claims Their Relationship Was A Hoax, Created To Get Farrah On 'Couple's Therapy'

5:05 PM EST 1/2/2014

Farrah Abraham is currently involved in a bit of a scandal involving a man she once dated, or pretended to date, according to him. In a new interview, Brian Dawe is speaking out, revealing that his alleged summer relationship with the former Teen Mom was actually a hoax created by Abraham in hopes at sealing the deal with VH1 for a gig on their fourth season of Couple's Therapy.Read more

Farrah Abraham at Sugar Factory

Farrah Abraham's Solo Appearance On VH1's 'Couple's Therapy' Raises Questions About The Show's Credibility

9:41 AM EST 12/28/2013

Farrah Abraham will be appearing on VH1's Couple's Therapy when the show premieres next week, but ahead of her debut, many questions have been raised. Earlier this year, the former Teen Mom was in talks to appear on the show's third season, but after being exposed by the man she had enlisted to play her boyfriend on the series, the network moved on. Abraham's ploy became quite the scandal online, so now that she has been brought on for season 4, fans are wondering how credible the show really is. Read more

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