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Eleanor Tomlinson and Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner Discusses James Bond Speculations, 'Poldark' Season 3 Star Not Interested In Taking 007 Role From Daniel Craig

12:03 PM EDT 5/24/2017

It looks like Aidan Turner has no plans of taking over as James Bond for Daniel Craig!Read more

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Turns Down James Bond Role For 'Venom' Standalone Film? 'Taboo' Star Prefers Playing Comic Book Antihero Over 007

11:37 AM EDT 5/23/2017

Tom Hardy might be more interested in being a comic book antihero than the next James Bond!Read more

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy James Bond: 'Taboo' Star Keeping Quiet About 007 Role, Possible Reunion With 'Dunkirk' Director Chris Nolan

11:22 AM EDT 5/16/2017

Tom Hardy appears to be keeping quiet about taking over as 007 in "James Bond 25"!Read more

Charlie Hunnam

James Bond Update: 'King Arthur' Star Charlie Hunnam Reveals Why He Is Best Daniel Craig Replacement, Jax Teller Could Be New 007?

6:46 AM EDT 5/14/2017

Charlie Hunnam has just revealed why he is an ideal replacement for Daniel Craig in "James Bond 25"!Read more

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy James Bond: 'Taboo' Actor Set As Daniel Craig Replacement, New 007 To Reunite With 'Dark Knight Rises' Director Chris Nolan?

7:30 AM EDT 5/11/2017

Will Tom Hardy reunite with "Dunkirk" director Chris Nolan for "James Bond 25"?Read more

Eleanor Tomlinson and Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner James Bond: 'Poldark' Season 3 Star Possibly Meeting With 007 Producers, Daniel Craig Leaving For Good?

10:52 AM EDT 5/1/2017

"Poldark" Season 3 star Aidan Turner might be the next James Bond! Is Daniel Craig officially leaving the 007 franchise?Read more

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy James Bond: 'Peaky Blinders' Season 4 Star Back As 007 Fan Favorite After Heroic Thief Capture In London

9:10 AM EDT 4/26/2017

Tom Hardy could be the next James Bond after his 007-style capture of a moped thief in Richmond, London!Read more

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