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Mario Singer

Mario Singer Splits From Mistress Kasey Dexter? His Ramona-Dissing Dating Profile Revealed

11:29 AM EST 11/12/2014

Have Mario Singer and his mistress called it quits?Read more

Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer Details Her Final Confrontation With Mario Regarding His Mistress

3:32 PM EDT 8/13/2014

Ramona Singer opened up about the end of her marriage in a new interview.Read more

Kasey Dexter

Ramona Singer's Husband Goes Public With Mistress

10:41 AM EDT 8/11/2014

Ramona Singer's husband stepped out with his mistress over the weekend.Read more

Mario and Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer's Husband Reunites With His Mistress

3:03 PM EDT 8/6/2014

Mario Singer was recently spotted with his mistress.Read more

Kasey Dexter

Kasey Dexter Claims Ramona And Mario Singer Harassed Her After Their Affair

1:08 PM EDT 6/13/2014

Mario Singer's mistress, Kasey Dexter, has spoken out, claiming he and his wife Ramona have been harassing her.Read more

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