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Morena Baccarin to play Vanessa Carlyle aka Copycat in

Morena Baccarin Follow's T. J. Miller's Lead, Also Reveals Her Character in ‘Deadpool’ Movie

6:13 AM EDT 3/20/2015

Morena Baccarin, 35, today tweeted a picture of her actor’s chair, complete with the Deadpool logo and her character’s name “Vanessa” in director Tim Miller's upcoming live-action adaptation of the Marvel Comics character's story. In the comic book, Vanessa Carlyle is a mutant with shape-shifting abilities, codenamed Copycat, who has a long romantic history with Deadpool.Read more

Morena Baccarin to play Ryan Reynolds love interest in

Morena Baccarin Casted as Deadpool's Romantic Interest

7:02 AM EST 2/19/2015

Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Comics have announced they are moving ahead with the production of the Deadpool film, their long-gestating X-Men spinoff project.Read more

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