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'One Piece' Capone Bege

[SPOILERS] ‘One Piece’ Chapter 860 Recap: Dogtooth Charlotte Sees Future, Jinbe Ready To Sacrifice His Life

9:16 AM EDT 3/24/2017

“One Piece” Chapter 860 introduces Dogtooth, Charlotte Linlin’s commander who can see the future.Read more

The Power To Kill The Yonko Big Mom | 'One Piece' Manga Chapter 859

‘One Piece’ Chapter 860 Spoilers: Luffy, Capone Assassination Plan Against Big Mom Might Fail Because Of Brulee

10:12 AM EDT 3/18/2017

“One Piece” Chapter 860 spoilers point to Luffy and Capone’s execution of their assassination plan against Big Mom that might fail due to Brulee’s loyalty to her mother.Read more

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