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'One Punch Man' Gets Four Audio Dramas; First CD Is out in September; Season 2 Premieres in May 2018?

8:33 PM EDT 6/19/2017

"One Punch Man" four new audio dramas would ease all fans' longing for Saitama.Read more

'One Punch Man' Season 2 Will Possibly Debut in December 2018; Hero Hunter Arc to Be Featured?

9:10 PM EDT 6/7/2017

"One Punch Man" season 2 is expected to air in late 2017 but theories have it that it might come out next year considering the timeline of its promotion and post-production.Read more

'One Punch Man' Season 2 Gets Its Inspiration From 'Dragon Ball' Series? Superhero Parody Might Return in November

11:02 AM EDT 5/28/2017

"One Punch Man" season 2 might also reveal that origin of Saitama's powerful punch.Read more

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'One Punch Man' Spoilers: Saitama Saves Suiryu & Fights Monster Bakuzan; Bald Hero Will Finally Be Recognized

9:24 PM EDT 5/19/2017

"One Punch Man" chapter 74.5 sees Saitama rushing back to the fight scene and saves Suiryu's life from the hands of the monster Bakuzan.Read more

'One Punch Man' Season 2 Leaks - Season 2 In Production

‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Air Date, Update: Anime Officially Hits Production, See More Details Here

11:29 AM EDT 4/7/2017

“One Punch Man” Season 2 anime officially hits production as confirmed by an image scan from Ken Xyro’s tweet.Read more

'One Punch Man' Manga Chapter 108 - 114 Reveals Saitama's Defeat in the Championship Round

6:56 AM EDT 4/6/2017

"One Punch Man" manga chapter 108 to 114 sees Saitama being defeated by a member of the Rank S heroes with just one kick.Read more

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'One Punch Man' Special Chapter: Saitama's Strength Revealed Before He Got His Powers

7:57 AM EDT 4/5/2017

The special one-shot chapter for "One Punch Man" reveals Saitama's strength when he was still a mere human, where he defeated villains and monsters of Tiger level.Read more

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