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'Steven Universe' Season 5 Delivers Fantastic Episodes; Soundtrack Collection out Now; Rebecca Sugar Recommends One Great Song for Fans!

10:30 AM EDT 6/5/2017

"Steven Universe" has graciously delivered great episodes to its overwhelming fanbase.Read more

Yuri!!! On Ice

'Yuri!!! On Ice' Crossover With 'Steven Universe'; Anime Series' 6th Blu-Ray/DVD Volumes Sold Highest in Its First Week!

10:13 AM EDT 6/3/2017

While "Yuri!!! On Ice" season 2 release date is yet to be confirmed, the illustrator of "Steven Universe" comic puts the anime series' characters in cameos.Read more

Steven Universe - Steven Meets Rose Quartz (Clip)

‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Return Date: Rebecca Sugar Teases New Powers For Steven [SPOILERS]

7:15 AM EDT 6/2/2017

"Steven Universe" Season 5 may see Steven discover new powers when the show returns on Cartoon Network.Read more

Steven Universe - Steven Meets Rose Quartz (Clip)

Rebecca Sugar Talks ‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Endgame; New Trailer Hints On White Diamond? [SPOILERS]

6:00 AM EDT 5/26/2017

A new "Steven Universe" Season 4 trailer is out, as Rebecca Sugar discusses the show's possible endgame on Cartoon Network.Read more

Steven Universe - Bismuth (Part 1)

'Steven Universe' Season 5 Release Date: Is This The End For The Cartoon Network Animated Series?

5:42 AM EDT 5/26/2017

Has "Steven Universe" already reached the end of the line?Read more

“Steven Universe”

'Steven Universe' Season 5 Is the Last Installment? Here's What We Know So Far

11:39 AM EDT 5/23/2017

“Steven Universe” is expected to air on May 29 with four fresh episodes.Read more

'Steven Universe' Seasons 4 & 5 Spoilers: Steven Stands up for His Friends Against Aquamarine & Topaz; Series Ends After Season 5?

6:33 AM EDT 5/12/2017

"Steven Universe" season 5 is said to feature the most heart-pounding battle between the Gems and the Diamonds.Read more

‘Steven Universe' Season 4 Spoilers And Everything You Need To Know! Details Inside

‘Steven Universe' Season 4 Spoilers & Everything You Need To Know!

6:26 AM EDT 4/25/2017

Cartoon Network's well loved character, 'Steven Universe' has recently been officially announced to return with four more episodes for Season 4. Additionally, rumors have it that the show's release date have already been set with its trailer surfacing online.Read more

Steven Universe - Steven Meets Rose Quartz (Clip)

‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Promo Hints At Show’s End On Cartoon Network? [SPOILERS]

7:31 AM EDT 4/24/2017

Fans are expressing worries that "Steven Universe" Season 5 may be the last, as Cartoon Network announces the premiere date for the fifth season.Read more

“Steven Universe” Season 5 forty-nine seconds trailer

'Steven Universe' Season 5 Announced With Teaser Trailer & Premiere Date

9:08 PM EDT 4/23/2017

Cartoon Network will bring on air "Steven Universe" Season 5 in the coming month with all-new adventures.Read more

Steven Universe - Steven Meets Rose Quartz (Clip)

Rebecca Sugar Teases ‘Big Plans’ For ‘Steven Universe’ Season 5: Is It The Endgame? [SPOILERS]

6:45 AM EDT 4/5/2017

Rebecca Sugar teases that she has "big plans" for "Steven Universe" Season 5 whether it will be the endgame for the show on Cartoon Network or not.Read more

Steven Universe - Steven Meets Rose Quartz (Clip)

When Will ‘Steven Universe’ Season 4 Return With New Episodes On Cartoon Network? [SPOILERS]

5:30 AM EDT 3/27/2017

"Steven Universe" Season 4 is a mystery, as the Cartoon Network series goes on another hiatus after airing the episode entitled "Room for Ruby."Read more

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