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Luke Brandon Field and Daniel Sharman

'Teen Wolf' Season 6B Bringing Back Isaac Lahey? Daniel Sharman Eager To Return In Final Season

9:59 AM EDT 6/14/2017

Daniel Sharman's Isaac Lahey could be set for a major comeback in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B!Read more

Cody Christian

'Teen Wolf' Season 6B SPOILERS: Cody Christian Teases Sneak Peek At Shirtless Theo Raeken In Deaton's Clinic [PHOTO]

11:02 AM EDT 5/28/2017

Has Cody Christian just confirmed that Theo Raeken will be an official member of Scott's pack in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B?Read more

Tyler Hoechlin

'Teen Wolf' Season 6B Possibly Bringing Back Kate Argent As Main Villain, Tyler Hoechlin Derek Hale Finally Kills La Loba

10:21 AM EDT 5/13/2017

Will Kate Argent return as the main villain and face Tyler Hoechlin's Derek Hale in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B?Read more

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