'Gotham' FOX Season 1: Episode 12 Latest News, Recap and Spoilers: Will the Murderer of Akram Asylum be Caught?

4:10 PM EST 1/20/2015 by Aishwarya, Celebeat Reporter

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Some terrible and beautiful things are happening on the new hit FOX show "Gotham", which are keeping the viewers engaged and eager to know what is going to happen next. Those who like plots, revenges, breaking of rules, body counts and more than everything, an alive story line are loving this new Fox series.

In the last episode "What The Little Bird Told Him", many plots were blown apart; Gordon tries to get his job back by attacking Jack Gruber who has who escaped from the Arkham Asylum. While there is also a murder of a guard at the Akram Asylum and investigation is still on and the hunt for the murderer is going on. Jack Gruber has run down an electronics shop and has left the shopkeeper bewildered. It is later learnt that Gruber is actually known as Lester Buchinski and also known as the Electrocutioner. And this guy is out for revenge, so everyone has to maintain a distance from him or else he will fry them up.

Gotham Central is shown to be the main plot area and the audience gets to see a lot of it. It is obvious that the good guy Gordon hates this mad electricity guy and has to catch him in order to get his job back. He pleads Loeb and asks for only 24 hours for the capture of Gruber.

Also, there is Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who is Gordon's love interest and he seems to get a little distracted by her.

In the next episode, Gordon must complete his notice of 24 hours and capture Gruber else he will lose his job for once and for all.

Tune in to the next episode of "Gotham" on Monday night (Jan 26) on Fox.

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