'Yuri On Ice' Season 2 News & Update: Victor Plays Important Role In Yuri's Triumph & Yurio's Defeat

6:51 AM EDT 3/20/2017 by Colt, Celebeat Reporter

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Every person who loves anime already know by now that "Yuri On Ice" protagonist, Yuri Katsuki, was the lucky one who got the chance to show off his skills in Episode 12. Not only that, he was also coached by living legend Victor Nikiforov in the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating after defeating Yuri Plisetsky (better known as Yurio). But did Victor set Yurio to failure for Yuri to go to the competition?

For the performances, some people were arguing about the result of Yuri and Yurio's contest in "Yuri On Ice" and have gone so far as to call Victor a liar. But they may have missed the point. Yurio's performance was perfect in form but not in heart, not in soul.

For whatever reason, Yurio wasn't ready to embrace the feelings that overcome in, he wants it all to end, he doesn't want to feel what he was feeling and he sure didn't want the world to see it either. The moment before Yurio really embraced the crowd at the end of his performance, he had put on a mask, and that mask is why he lost.

Yuri Katsuki, on the other hand, was ready to run away. He was aware that he wasn't as technically skilled as Yurio, the pressure was at its highest but Victor supported him and sent Yuri onto the ice. Although his performance was flawed, his heart and soul was on show for everyone to see. Yuri, never considered sexy or desirable, was the belle of the ball, and no one who watched could deny it. Victor Nikiforov gave both Yuris what they needed, whether they know it or not.

With the episodes getting better and juicier, viewers are hoping for "Yuri On ice" Season 2 to happen soon. The Japanese sports anime television series' writer, Mitsuro Kubo, hinted the possibility of "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 in an English interview. Although there's a high chance for a sequel, there is no word on the "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 release date yet.

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