Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce: Actor Turns To Sculpting After Split

3:38 PM EDT 3/24/2017 by Irene Cabrera, Celebeat Reporter

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Angelina Jolie made the decision to end their more than 10-year union last year. And it seems that Brad Pitt has turned to sculpting and subsequently unleashed his inner sculptor following the breakup.

An eyewitness has revealed that Brad Pitt has channeled all of his energy into making sculptures. He has done so under the guidance direction of British artist Thomas Houseago, who is also a close friend of the actor. The eyewitness added that he spends around 15 hours of his time sculpting until the early hours of the morning.

The eyewitness adds that Brad Pitt would arrive at Houseago's studio, which is based in Los Angeles, late in the morning, often riding a motorcycle and wearing an outfit that goes with his new hobby. The actor was pictured arriving at the studio in a motorcycle and wore a yellow flannel, skinny jeans, and a blue jacket, according to ET Online.

The eyewitness also revealed that Brad Pitt would listen to sad songs while trying to finish his work. Some examples of sad songs that he listens to are tunes from singer Bon Iver and the breakup track "Just to Satisfy You" by Waylon Jennings. He would listen to these songs while staying behind to finish his works.

This news comes after it was reported that Brad Pitt is coming to terms with his newly-found single life. An insider has told that while he's starting to become at peace with the breakdown of his 12-year marriage to Jolie, he is in no rush to enter the dating world once again. At the moment, the former couple is now working towards settling their divorce and custody of their children with a private judge, and that "things are definitely calming down," the source told People.

Additionally, the divorce has seen Brad Pitt reconnect with old friends that he had lost touch with over the years. "He often has friends over," the source said, according to the Daily Mail. "Old friends are back in his life, and he seems happy about it."

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