Dylan O'Brien 2017: 'Maze Runner 3' Star Reportedly Wants To Keep Stiles Jeep From 'Teen Wolf' Season 6

8:16 AM EDT 3/29/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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Most actors tend to grow fond of certain objects that have served as their props on certain projects. So it's no surprise when it was revealed that Dylan O'Brien is interested in keeping Stiles' beloved Jeep from "Teen Wolf" Season 6. Will the "Maze Runner 3" star manage to bring the iconic vehicle home when the show's final season concludes later this year?

Dylan O'Brien might be busy working on "Maze Runner 3" right now, but there have been several details about him were revealed this weekend at the ShowTime Con 2 in Spain. According to the fan page Dylan O'Brien Spain, Holland Roden has confirmed that her "Teen Wolf" Season 6 costar wants to keep the Jeep that is Stiles' most beloved possession in the series (via Twitter). After all, the vehicle was the first thing that the character saw when he came back from the void in the winter finale. It might seem like a perfect story made in "Teen Wolf" heaven but Roden also pointed out that O'Brien is still unsure if he can use the Jeep because it is fairly old.

Holland Roden dropped some awesome information about Dylan O'Brien and "Teen Wolf" Season 6 at the ShowTime Con 2. CeleBeat has previously reported on Roden sharing that her costar single-handedly made Stydia happen in the sixth season's premiere episode by improvising the kiss on her cheek. In addition to that, the jaw-dropping smooch between Stiles and Lydia was a product of around 12 different takes.

It is still unclear whether Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden will be doing some more kissing in the last 10 episodes of "Teen Wolf" Season 6. However, fans can expect to see the "Maze Runner 3" star as Mitch Rapp in "American Assassin", which premieres on September 15.

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