‘One Piece’ Episode 784 Recap: Sanji Retrieval Team Encounters Sanji’s Brother

The Whole Cake Island is off to a slow start but the newest episode of “One Piece” presented us some fascinating characters where one of them may save Luffy from his food poisoning.

7:14 PM EDT 4/18/2017 by Rolly Real, Celebeat Reporter

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The unending awaited Whole Cake Island Arc of the leading Anime series chapter "One Piece" Episode 784, put emphasis returns to Luffy and the members of the Sanji Retrieval Team in an attempt to subvert the territory of Big Mom.

The Straw Hat is no exemption with the ongoing pirate food shortage in "One Piece" Episode 784, having a ravenous crew for an appetite and their own chef. Meantime, they withstand to eat fish all the way, which by the way is exactly and metaphorically smelly.

"One Piece" Episode 784 started when Luffy caught a gigantic purple fish all the way from the boiling sea. This is caused by the bizarre climate disorder of the new world. In this episode, titled "Zero and Four", Nami, Chopper, and Brook impulsively fathomed that the fish is not edible despite the fact that Luffy insists it can be eaten. Thanks to Chopper who is a Doctor, he did not hesitate and checked on the fish.

Chopper went to Sanji's locker to obtain the Fish Encyclopedia but instead was knocked down by Sanji's collection of the magazine of girls, said on Anime News Network. However, he was able to get up, and up reading on the fish book, he found out that the skin of the fish itself was poisonous. The facetious scene on "One Piece" Episode 784 is when it was too late for Chopper to warn everyone since Luffy was already munching the poisonous fish skin.

Good riddance for Luffy since he is also capable of resisting poison which he developed after hs encounter with Magellan, but the book specifically said it can cause instant death to anyone who consumes it. However, his resistance was not enough because the poison he encountered was too strong. The antidote in the ship was not enough compelling the crew to obtain herbs to treat the captain.

"One Piece" Episode 784 will never run out of the problem because as the crew was about to dock in Big Mom's territory, a massive ship appeared which appeared to be owned by Germa 66. Vinsmoke Yonji, aboard the big ship and was in a cape resembling Sanji. It was first a wonder among the crew of their resemblance until Sanji revealed that Yunji is his younger brother, published on Fandom Post.

The resemblance was yet remarkably indistinguishable. The Straw Hats asked for remedies to save Luffy but he heartlessly rejected their plea. "One Piece" Episode 784 ended with Vinsmoke Reiju jolting his brother off the ship and hopping on board the Thousand Sunny and act contrite to the Straw Hats for his brother's inappropriate conduct. 

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