'Attack on Titan' Chapter 93 Spoilers: Will It Be The End For Reiner? That & More

Chapter 93 of 'Attack on Titan' is set to answer the rumors surrounding a character’s alleged death, and avid fans speculate that it could be Reiner. If so, what will be the events leading to his demise?

5:22 AM EDT 4/20/2017 by Cyril, Celebeat Reporter

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Following the recent spoilers surfacing, "Attack on Titan" Chapter 93 is expected to feature Reiner's death after being badly damaged during the Marleyan's war with the Middle East Union. These rumors come after the premiere of Chapter 92, where Reiner has been injured by the anti-titan armor piercing bullets from his enemies. That said, if this could really be the case, avid fans are now wondering as to who will inherit the Armored Titan.

'Attack on Titan' Chapter 93

According to Manga Helpers, it can be recalled that in the previous chapters of "Attack On Titan," Reiner has already had his near death experience. However, it has not completely happened just yet because of his friend, Zeke, who apparently saved his life when soldiers have released their anti-titan armor piercing bullets. In addition, it was found that in these previous chapters, several cliffhangers were also observed where Marleys seemed to have realized that the forces against them are getting stronger.

On the other hand, Reddit reports that in the previous chapter's battle, "Attack on Titan" has allegedly gained its praises after fans have witnessed the Mule Titan and the Jaw Titans' capability of destroying railways. Meanwhile, one of the unofficial spoilers of the much-awaited Chapter 93 has surfaced, claiming the possibility of Reiner not being able to survive and having the need to pass on the Armored Titan to another person.

That said, the upcoming episode of "Attack on Titan" will allegedly answer whether it will be the end of monsters' reign or they will again emerge as victorious as they step inside Paradis Island. As of the press time, fans couldn't help but wait until the next installment premiering in May. Ultimately, for more of the freshest news and updates regarding the most anticipated manga series; check them here at Celebeat.


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