"Yuri!!! On Ice" Season 2 Updates: Watch an Unseen Performance of Yuri Plisetsky; Filipino Skater Featured; Everything You Need to Know

9:05 AM EDT 4/20/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Critically acclaimed "Yuri!!! On Ice" season 1 finale was in December 2016 and since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for an official announcement from creator Mitsuro Kubo for the anime's second season release. To this date, there are no details yet but there are special big events coming this month as well as in May. Another good news is that there is a clip recently teased, which showcased Yuri Plisetsky's unseen performance in season 1.

Reports say that one member of the creative team teased that "Yuri!!! On Ice" season 2 gets an October 2017 release date. As Den of Geek points out, an October release is just right if it is based on the release date of its first season in October 2016, which ended in December 2016. The news though, is still unsupported and remains to be confirmed by the showrunners.

Apparently, there is no trailer for "Yuri!!! On Ice" season 2 just yet. However, a clip took the internet by storm featuring a performance of Yuri Plisetsky, which was not shown in season 1. This is a promo for Blu-Ray Disc/DVD volumes of the series, which is one of the goodies that fans will get during the big event on April 29.

According to CrunchyRoll, "Yuri!!! On Ice" fans will also receive Makkachin fluffy hoodie jackets, Makkachin-shaped plate light stick and many more. The exhibition video in Blu-ray Disc/DVD called "Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX Welcome to The Madness" becomes available on May 26. Another video for the fan event will also be showcased, featuring Filipino skater Joel Minas performing "In Regards to Love: Eros."

"Yuri!!! On Ice" experts believe that its season 2 would still focus on Yuri Katsuki. Fans can also expect Yuri and Victor competing against each other. All these will be confirmed as soon as the anime's creator gives his final word for the series.

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