Eliza Taylor Teases ‘Intense’ And ‘Different’ Finale For ‘The 100’ Season 4 [SPOILERS]

7:09 AM EDT 4/24/2017 by Lauren Duffy, Celebeat Reporter

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"The 100" Season 4 is currently on a midseason hiatus, but it looks like things are bound to get even more intense once The CW drama returns on air. While the show previously did a controversial ending, Eliza Taylor previews "intense" and "different" finale ahead. What does this mean for the characters?

Spoilers ahead! Continue reading if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"The 100" Season 4 finale spoilers reveal that fans should brace themselves for an "intense" and "different" finale. In an interview with TVGuide.com, actress Eliza Taylor said that things are bound to get even more intense as the episodes lead to the finale, which airs on May 24.

As most fans can recall, "The 100" Season 4 will see the characters deal with a death wave that may put an end to all life on Earth. While the characters should race against time to try and save Earth, it looks like viewers will be given a different ending than they expect, as the show has previously killed off a major character during a season finale.

The publication notes that there were speculations that the next season after "The 100" Season 4 will feature a time jump. This could mean that Earth will be uninhabitable, but the actress refused to comment on the rumors.

One thing that will be different on "The 100" Season 4, however, is the fact that Clarke will be relying on others, such as her mother, Bellamy and Raven. Meanwhile, Heavy reports that the show will be returning from its break on Apr. 26.

A preview of the upcoming episode is also available below and viewers will know what else is next for Jaha after discovering the opening to the Second Dawn hatch. The writers have also confirmed that they have already started on "The 100" Season 5.

Do you think "The 100" Season 4 finale will feature another death or do you think they will have a time jump? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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