'One Piece' Chapter 865 Spoilers: Big Mom's Scream Defeats Her & Her Entire Island Being Destroyed

9:34 AM EDT 5/12/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"One Piece" chapter 864 has showcased the Straw Hat Pirates led by Luffy D. Monkey with the help of Capone Bege in their assassination plot against Big Mom during the wedding of Sanji Vinsmoke and Charlotte Pudding. Brulee was forced to turn several animals into hundreds of clones of the captain of the pirates. Brook disguised as Luffy and destroyed Mother Caramel's portrait using a hammer, which enraged the Yonkou more apart from the fact that the wedding cake has been ruined.

According to Celebeat, "One Piece" chapter 865 sees Big Mom defeated with her entire island being destroyed. This is because the Straw Hat Pirates will get her more furious by showing her the shattered portrait of Mother Caramel. It is said that her scream can make her vulnerable and can weaken her cast-ironed skin although it can kill people around him. In a YouTube video, the upcoming chapter sees the end of the Yonkou and the Straw Hat Pirates' success to defeat her.

"One Piece" chapter 865 spoilers reveal that Katakuri, also known as Dogtooth will try to stop Luffy from showing Big Mom the broken portrait of Mother Caramel. Jinbei, Bege, and Pedro will apparently stop Dogtooth from chasing Luffy. However, since he possesses an Observation Haki, which enables him to foresee the future for a short period of time, he would be able to avoid the attacks. He will reach Luffy but the captain has managed to show the Yonkou Mother Caramel's shattered portrait.

In "One Piece" chapter 864, the Charlottes tried to trap the Vinsmokes at gunpoint. However, since Big Mom's scream can make the people around him vulnerable, her children surrounding the Vinsmokes fainted. The Straw Hat Pirates were already aware what Big Mom's scream can do so Bege has provided them ear plugs to use. Sanji will then help the rest of his family.

"One Piece" chapter 865 ends with Bege aiming at Big Mom a rocket launcher, which will definitely finish her off. Celebeat will provide more entertainment updates. Stay tuned.

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